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Randolph High School Media Center: Library Launch

Library Launch

Coronovirus Resources for Health, Home, School, and Fun

Randolph High School Media Center Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

1.  We need to teach students the skills they will need to be successful in a world that will change more and more rapidly, and be more and more unpredictable.

2.  Today's students are digital natives and obtaining information without using technology is absurd to them.

3.  The library/media center is a gathering place for students to collaborate and learn together.

4.  The library/media center will serve as the nexus between the students, the world around them, and the skill sets they need to be successful.

5.  The curriculum and interests of the students determine the books and resources that are in the library. 

Alumni Resources

Randolph High School Alumni now have their own page!

Find digital versions of RHS's newspaper, "The RamPage", MP3's of graduation speeches, photos, links, and other resources. 

If you would like to include links or other resources for alumni, please email me.

Library Hours

Library/Media Center Extended Hours

For Research, Projects, Word Processing, Library Books


Every Day

Mornings: 7:00 am to Homeroom

Tues., Wed., and Thurs. until 3:30 pm

Media Specialist

Profile Photo
Stephen Cullis
511 Millbrook Ave.
Randolph, NJ 07869
(973) 361-2400 ext. 6525
Website Skype Contact: randolphhighschool

Library Menu

NJASL Value of School Libraries

Dungeons and Dragons

We now have Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed.  game, resources etc. for those that would like to gather a group and set up a campaign.   Groups can meet during lunch in the library or other times, under teacher supervision.   Please see Mr. Cullis for more information.

Image result for dungeons and dragons 5th edition

Books Available:

Dungeon Master's Guide

Players' Handbook

Module: Ghosts of Saltmarsh (Levels 1-12)

Module: Storm King's Thunder (Levels 1-10)

Module: Tales from the Yawning Portal

Module: Acquisitions Incorporated (Levels 1-6)

Module: Princes of the Apocalypse (Levels 1-15)

Games and Puzzles

We now have a number of games and puzzles in the library.   Games can be found at the circulation desk near the magazine rack, and puzzles can be found at the circulation desk beneath the television.   Have fun!

TED Talks

RHS Library Media Center

Tour of the Randolph High School Media Center.   Go to "full view" from menu in top right hand.

Randolph High School Destiny Search

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Advanced Search


Can't find what you are looking for?  Check the Randolph Township Library and M.A.I.N. (Morris Automated Information Network)

Randolph Township Library




Students can access the library's collection of ebooks by logging onto Destiny and choosing "Electronic Book (ebook)" from the "Material Type" drop down menu.

New Fiction

New Nonfiction

New Graphic Novels

Libros en espanol

En nuestra biblioteca tenemos muchos libros escritos en espanol.

Algunos ejemplos son:

Randolph High School Library Book Request

Did you love a book and want to read more books like that from other authors?

Check out NoveList!   It will give you recommendations for future reads based upon books that you love. (Use remote sign in username and passwork for EBSCO if not in school)

MLA Citation Tools

Online Resources



Through a grant from, Randolph High School now has access to original and primary documents in its U.S. Collection.  Great for researching your family or primary documents for history classes. 

Access only from within the high school.  No password needed.